Why do we need education?


In today’s world, we can see students complaining about what they studied have nothing to do with what they do, and many students start to think that they don’t require education. It is understandable that the standards of education have gone tremendously down these days and people begin to question the education system that is followed in many countries. Little do people understand that knowledge is power and once you know how things work you can be the master of anything. Just because the schools and colleges don’t teach you well it doesn’t mean that you don’t have to learn. You can take a book or browse the internet and explore many things and gain knowledge.

Without education we are just like robots:

When we educate ourselves, we have a meaning to our life. If we do something, we need to understand why we are doing that and what will be the outcome of doing that particular task. Unlike robots, we are not specimens who do what we are asked to do. Education allows us to reason out and think for ourselves. It gives us the freedom to make judgements and choose what to do with lives. When we are educated, we should be like a person who lives to enjoy work and not a person who works to live.

Helps you make better decisions:

When you are educated your mind will start to think on a broader scale. In many societies, people have various stereotypes about many things, and if you are educated, you can break all the rules which seem to be unreasonable. Education helps you to think better, and it also makes you confident. You will be able to express your opinions based on the things you have learnt, and people will start to understand the essence of your message.


Economic growth of the nation:

The countries with high literacy rates tend to thrive in many fields, and they are usually extremely prosperous. The citizens of that country have higher income, and they have a better lifestyle. On the other hand, in underdeveloped countries and the developing countries, the education system is not well developed, and many people are below the poverty line. Even if education is provided to the people, the quality of the education provided is not right, and thus many people fail to achieve their goals and dreams. For a nation to have economic prosperity, it needs to have a good education system.

Education makes you wise:

As humans, we deserve to be treated right, but many people try to cheat others and trick them into believing something. When you are educated, you will not be deceived or cheated into believing what is wrong. Many illiterate people sign a false document and end up losing everything. When you are educated you become wise, and thus you will be able to discern things and make right judgements.

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