Top 10 Halloween Websites for Kids

Jack o Lanterns

Halloween, celebrated each year on October 31, is a mix of ancient Celtic practices, Catholic  and Roman religious rituals and European folk traditions that blended together over time to create the holiday we know today.  Here are some links to find out more about Halloween and fun activities for the kids.



1. - Haunted history, origins, about the pumpkin, photo gallery, and more.

2. The Kidz Page - Halloween games, colouring pages, jigsaw puzzles and clipart.

3. Surf Net Kids - Halloween games, e-cards, screensavers, printables and crafts.

4. Learn English Kids - Haunted house grammar, magic spelling, story maker, quizzes.

5. PBS Kids - Story factory, Halloween videos, costumes

6. Alphabet Soup - activities, costumes, crafts, treats, party ideas, poems

7. Family Education - Halloween gifts and decorations, slideshows, creative costumes, frightful games

8. BillyBear4Kids - Halloween downloads, printables, games, treats

9. Apples4theTeacher - Halloween history, colouring pages, jigsaws, interactive pumpkin, recipes

10. Kaboose - Halloween party games and fun quiz, ghoulish games


+1 more... 1Halloween -  All FREE Halloween things for Children, Teachers and Parents. Kid safe and no registration needed. Costumes, paper masks, makeup recipe, coloring page's, drawing lessons, crosswords, cutouts, karaoke, mazes, music, carols,  songs, lyrics, history, party invitations, stories, and games.  And for the adult kid's new recipes, jokes, decorating indoors and outdoors, the yard,  and even  how  to  decorate your car.   Everything you need to have a party, like decorations, props and food.


Always remember to be safe on Halloween.  To learn how, read this safety article.
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