Drugs and Alcohol

Report on Australia's Young People May Provide Insights

November 2009     The Australian Government Office for Youth has released its 'State of Australia's Young People' which reports on the social, economic, health and family lives of today's young people aged 12-24.  This report is intended to help develop a national strategy, and it will hopefully provide some insight to parents and carers.

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Tackling Binge Drinking - The Next Phase

October 2009     The Government is stepping up its efforts to tackle binge drinking across the nation. Phase two of the Government’s National Binge Drinking Campaign, targeting young people about binge drinking – ‘Don’t Turn a Night Out Into a Nightmare’ – began on the 1st of November.  ...read more »

Target Pre-Teens To Prevent Youth Violence

October 2009     Programs to prevent youth violence need to start earlier and be sustained longer to be
effective, according to a new report commissioned by the Australian Research Alliance for Children and Youth (ARACY).  ...read more »

Young Age At First Drink May Affect Genes And Risk For Alcoholism

September 19, 2009     The age at which a person takes a first drink may influence genes linked to alcoholism, making the youngest drinkers the most susceptible to severe problems.  ...read more »

Snapshot Of The Current Generation Of Young Australians

12 August, 2009     In an address to the National Press Club today, the Minister for Youth Kate Ellis released a snapshot of the upcoming inaugural State of Australians Young People Report.  ...read more »

Good Relationship With Parents May Prevent Teen Drinking Problems

27 April, 2009     Teenagers who have a strong relationship with their parents may start drinking at a later age - which may, in turn, lessen their risk of developing alcohol problems, a new study suggests.  ...read more »

The Big Issues Facing Our Kids

29 December 2008     Mission Australia's survey of 11- to 24-year-olds has some interesting insights.  How well do you know your children? How often do you try to talk to the teenager in your house about some of the big issues - drugs, body image, suicide - and receive a roll of the eyes and a quick brush-off?

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Article: When 'just say no' isn't enough: Try science

December 2008     Teens are fascinated by their brains, the way they work, change, and even "freeze" sometimes. The American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) recommends that parents, teachers and caregivers use that fascination to engage middle and high school students this holiday season in a discussion of why they shouldn't drink alcohol.

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Article: Middle Schoolers And Alcohol: Tips For Parents From AAAS

September 2008      The first few weeks of middle school are a frenzy of friends, parties, and school events. It's also time for parents to start talking with their kids about the dangers of drinking alcohol, according to The Science Inside Alcohol Project of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS).  ...read more »

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