Behaviour and Bullying

Beating the Bullies: A Guide for Parents

Serious schoolgirlby Dr. Lucy Blunt Often children do not let their parents know there is a problem.  Once the parents find out however, they usually have a very strong protective reaction. This can range from wanting to thump the bully (dads often feel like this) to wanting to confront the bully's parents, more »

Stopping the Bullies With Kindness

Mother Daughter Closenessby Dr. Justin Coulson     More than two thirds of girls under the age of 10 are bullied, according to a study recently completed by the Girl Guides Association of Australia. And according to a report in the SMH "68 per cent [of children] aged between five and nine report[ed] that that they had been bullied, many of them online." So it’s not just girls that are copping it. more »

Talking Ethics with Kids - The Fishhook Method

Fishing Father Sonby Michael Parker     We all spend so much time being busy with our children that sometimes the big conversations fall right away. By the time we have done the dinner, helped out with the homework, baked the cake for the school’s charity drive and generally kept the ship of state afloat, the end of the night can roll around without any actual conversation having happened with your children. more »

Boosting Kidpower to Stop Bullying

Confident Muscle Boyby Marika Spaseska If I could wave a magic wand or give you an easy solution to the common problem of school bullying, I would! The way of handling problems with a young child becomes the building blocks for the type and extent of kidpower they develop as they grow to combat bullies and other, safety or risk situations. more »

Working Together Against Bullying

The Working Together Against Bullying activities emphasise that effective solutions to bullying and violence in schools can only be achieved through the collective action of schools, students, parents and the wider community. more »

Easy Guide to Socialising Online

The Easy Guide to Socialising Online website has been developed in partnership with industry and young people to help parents, children and educators combat cyberbullying and inappropriate content online. more »

Cure the Bullies

Developed BY kids FOR kids, CureTheBullies is a fun, interactive awareness-raising campaign, which focuses on a new approach to the issue – by targeting the ‘bystander’ – kids who may witness bullying behaviour or even act as an accomplice to bullying behaviours, through their use of email, social networking or text messaging. more »

Kids Count

Kidscount is the parenting website of the Australian Childhood Foundation with information on raising confident children, including understanding childrens' experiences and development, responding to children and finding help. more »

Bullying No Way!

Bullying. No Way!  is a program developed by the educational communities nationwide.  Parents/carers can use the site to develop useful ways of communicating with the school to resolve bullying issues. more »

National Centre Against Bullying

The mission of the National Centre Against Bullying is to create caring environments for children through research and dissemination of information and advocacy. more »

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