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Information Technology Study Loses Popularity

November 2009     The proportion of people studying information technology decreased from 9% in 2001 to 3% in 2009. The most common field of education (for persons enrolled in a non-school qualification) was Management and commerce (26%), followed by Society and culture (19%), according to figures released today by the Australian Bureau of Statistics. more »

Today's Children Decide Their School And Career Path Early

November 2009     'What is very striking,' says Professor Croll, 'is that for this generation there is absolutely no gender stereotyping in hopes for the future. Furthermore, what children say at the age of 11 about school participation after the age of 16 is highly predictive of their actual behaviour.' more »

Government Stimulus to Kickstart Apprenticeships

October 2009     Deputy Prime Minister Julia Gillard announced that the Government will invest $100 million in a new Apprentice Kickstart program to support up to 21,000 young Australians entering traditional trades this summer. more »

Recession Worsens ‘Earning And Learning’ Conditions For Young Australians

October 2009     A major research report released today by The Foundation for Young Australians (FYA) reveals a sharp rise in the rate of youth ‘disengagement’ from work and study. The 2009 How Young People are Faring (HYPAF) report shows that the proportion of teenagers not learning or earning full-time has jumped from 13.4% a year ago to 16.4%, the highest level since the recession of the early 1990s. more »

Even With Postgraduate Qualifications, Experience Still Counts

September 2009     Graduates with postgraduate degrees and prior full-time employment experience can still expect to earn a higher median salary than postgraduates going into their first full-time employment, according to recently released findings from the 2008 Australian Graduate Survey (AGS). more »

Young Students To Stay In Education And Training Longer

September 1, 2009     The Minister for Education, Bronwyn Pike, today announced that an amendment more »

Fields With Best Employment Outcomes for 2009

28 July, 2009     In early 2008 new bachelor degree graduates experienced the highest percentage in full-time employment in nearly two decades, according to recently released findings from the annual Australian Graduate Survey. more »

A Tech Career Now The Top Career Choice For Aussie Teens

24 July, 2009     A survey of more than 1,800 Australian teens released today by the Australian Computer Society (the nation’s peak body for ICT professionals) reveals that being an IT or Technology Professional is currently the most desirable career options for teens. more »

Study Reveals Young Aussies Fear Job Prospects Are Doomed

July 2009 Many young Australians feel their career prospects are doomed, according to a new survey released today, the eve of official figures expected to signal a rise in unemployment. more »

Australian Youth Get A Voice Around The Country

June 2009     In partnership with the Salvation Army, the Australian Government is reaching out to young Australians, including many facing disadvantage and other significant challenges. more »

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