School Locators

Government School Locators

These government school locators help you to find schools in your area, and provide basic information about each school and contact details.  Some sites provide easy access to a wealth of information including school curriculum and programs, special features and virtual tours of schools that match your interest. more »

Online School Directories

If you're a parent looking for a  school for your child, anywhere in Australia, you'll find it using these online services. more »

International Boys School Coalition

The International Boys’ Schools Coalition is a not-for-profit coalition of independent, parochial and public schools from around the world dedicated to the education and development of boys world-wide.  Resources include membership, publications, conferences and workshops. more »

Catholic School Locators

These direct links provide lists and /or searches of Catholic schools within each state/territory. Contact and basic information is provided, and further information about an individual school can be obtained by contacting the school directly. more »

Independent Schools Locator

These school locators allow a search of independent schools which are members of the Association of Independent Schools.  Some include detailed information about different educational opportunities offered by independent schools. more »

VRQA Education Provider State Register

The Victorian Registration and Qualifications Authority runs this website with details and annual reports of all Victorian education providers, including government and non-government, from primary through to University.  Search by name of school, or post code and type of school. more »

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