Non-Government Schools

Parent Association Bodies - Non-Government Schools

This list provides links to state and territory bodies, representing parent associations for non-government schools. Many have parent sections on their websites with further resources and links. more »

Associations of Independent Schools

The peak representative bodies for independent schools in each state and nationally. more »

Catholic Education Commission Websites

The representative body for Catholic schools in each state. Some state commissions look after several regional offices.  Click on the relevant link below for information on your state. more »

Snapshot of Catholic Education in Victoria

From the Catholic Education Commission of Victoria     Catholic schools are an important part of the Catholic Church’s mission; they seek to be the schools of first choice for Catholic parents. Dignity and respect for each student form the basis of teaching and learning in Catholic schools, with the values of the Gospel integral to the faith development activities and religious education programs. more »

Education Ministers on NAPLAN/ Non-Government Schools /Bullying

April 2012      All Australian education ministers have agreed to work together to streamline regulations over the reporting requirements of non-government schools, particularly around financial and governance decisions. more »

Non-Government Schooling on the Rise

March 2012      The number of students in the independent schools sector has increased by 35% since 2001, compared with 12% growth in the catholic schools sector over the same time, according to data released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS). more »

Forum: Funding Facts


The NSW Parents Council invites parents to join them for the special forum: Funding Facts: 'Gonski and Beyond' for Independent School Parents. more »

Private School Student Numbers Boom

March 2010     Over the last ten years, the number of students in non-government schools rose eightfold compared to the number of students in government schools, according to findings released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS). more »

How to Choose a Primary School

The Victorian Parents Council (A Voice for Non-Government School Parents)     How as parents do we decide on the right school for our child, particularly if you are considering the tremendous diversity of choice available within the non-government school sector? It’s not simply a question of locating the closest school to home – there is a whole barrage of issues to be considered. more »

Choosing A School For Your Child

The Victorian Parents Council (A Voice for Non-Government School Parents)   You are choosing a school for YOUR child.  You as the parent are in the best position to judge the suitability of a school. more »

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