Kids Well-Being

A Guide to Building Your Child’s Confidence and Self-Esteem

Girl on Hammockby Dr Cathrine Neilsen-Hewett     There are many sides to your child’s self-esteem. Children may feel good about one aspect of themselves but not so good about another.  Feelings about their performance at school, ability to make friends, physical appearance, behaviour, sporting ability, whether or not they wet the bed – all contribute toward their overall self-worth. more »

How to Build Confidence in Your Child

Confident Kidsby Andrew Fuller     Confidence is one of the most powerful, and one of the most elusive, qualities that creates success in life. more »

Safe Partying Guide for Young People

Safe Partying GuideThe Australian Drug Foundation (ADF) has developed a ‘Safe partying guide for young people’.   TheADF is a not-for-profit organisation working to prevent the harm of alcohol and other drugs across the country. The new guide helps young people - specifically those aged 10-17 years - to deal with alcohol sensibly at parties. more »

How Social Media Can Bring Parents and Teens Closer

Laughing with laptopby the Editor     Parents may not be as savvy with social media as their teenage children, but new research shows they shouldn’t shy away from sending their teen a friend request on Facebook or engaging them on Twitter, Instagram and other social platforms. more »

Tackling Binge Drinking Campaign

The Australian Preventative Health Agency has just launched the Be The Influence – Tackling Binge Drinking Campaign, aimed at 16-24 year olds. more »

Helping Your Child Respond to Social Pressures at Any Age

Pre-teens smilingby the Editor     Teenagers are risk-takers — they’re more likely than children or adults to experiment with illicit substances, have unprotected sex, and drive recklessly. But research shows that teenagers have the knowledge and ability to make competent decisions about risk, just like adults. So what explains their risky behavior? more »

Beating the Bullies: A Guide for Parents

Serious schoolgirlby Dr. Lucy Blunt Often children do not let their parents know there is a problem.  Once the parents find out however, they usually have a very strong protective reaction. This can range from wanting to thump the bully (dads often feel like this) to wanting to confront the bully's parents, more »

Safety First

Safety First provides a range of First Aid courses & workshops to the community.  They work with a variety of people in the community, and also work with new mums and the Early child years sectors.  Safety First have a kids & parents corner on their website. more »

Stopping the Bullies With Kindness

Mother Daughter Closenessby Dr. Justin Coulson     More than two thirds of girls under the age of 10 are bullied, according to a study recently completed by the Girl Guides Association of Australia. And according to a report in the SMH "68 per cent [of children] aged between five and nine report[ed] that that they had been bullied, many of them online." So it’s not just girls that are copping it. more »

Talking Ethics with Kids - The Fishhook Method

Fishing Father Sonby Michael Parker     We all spend so much time being busy with our children that sometimes the big conversations fall right away. By the time we have done the dinner, helped out with the homework, baked the cake for the school’s charity drive and generally kept the ship of state afloat, the end of the night can roll around without any actual conversation having happened with your children. more »

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