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Keeping Your Child Engaged For Success at School

Primary school girl in classroomby the Editor     New research at Menzies Research Institute Tasmania has found children's engagement with schooling, above and beyond their academic performance at school, predicts their level of education and occupation as adults. more »

Why Parents Should Encourage Early Maths Skills

Learning Numbersby the Editor     Beginning first-graders who understand numbers, the quantities those numbers represent, and low-level arithmetic will have better success in learning mathematics through the end of fifth-grade, and potentially throughout the rest of their lives. more »

Nurturing a Sense of Wonder

Backyard Exploringby Peter Macinnis The young people who will be the next generation's decision makers need to have come up against questions with no pre-ordained answer. And what safer place is there to do that than in your own back yard? more »

How Creative Art at Home Fosters Critical Thinking

Boy Drawing with Pencilsby the Editor      Parents take heart – the alarmingly abstract masterpieces produced by your children could be teaching them how to reason like an adult. more »

Brain Games to Teach Kids Maths

Number spaghetti on toastby the Editor      The world often breaks down into numbers and regular patterns that form predictable cycles. And the sooner children can inherently grasp these patterns, the more confident and comfortable they will be with the world of maths. more »

10 Tips for Learning the First 100 Sight Words

Father Child Writingby Jayneen Sanders      When my daughters were in their first year of school, every week they would come home with a list of sight words to learn (often known as ‘the golden words’) — words such as ‘and’, ‘was’ and ‘put’. If you have ever had a child in their first year of school, you will KNOW what I am talking about! more »

Young Children Are Powerful Mathematicians

Toddler Math Timeby Bob Perry, Charles Sturt University      Have you ever thought about the mathematics that there is in your life? What about the mathematics that there is in the lives of your children? Mathematics is all around us and we ‘do’ mathematics every hour of every day. more »

The Homework Divide: Is Homework Helpful?

Girl Homework, Writingby the Editor      Having now settled into a new school year, our children are encountering varying degrees and types of homework, assignments and projects.  Homework may be repetitive and boring, and projects may require a great deal of parental help – but this is what is expected, and we all do our best as families to support and encourage our children in completing them. more »

How Can Learning a Second Language Help My Child?

Boy learning Spanishby the Editor     Today's children need to learn more than ABCs and 123s to thrive as future leaders - they should also learn a foreign language, according to experts.  Learning languages helps increase listening ability, memory, creativity and critical thinking - all of which are thinking processes that increase learning in general. more »

Kids and Research: 'Where Do I Start?"

Teen Laptop Researchby Angie Wilcock     If you have a son or daughter who spends an enormous amount of time sitting in front of the computer, scrolling through what appears to be millions of websites to find ONE piece of relevant information for an assignment... you are not alone! more »

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