The Truth (So Far) About How Technology Affects Teen Sleep

Teen Bedtime Laptopby Dr. Michael Gradisar      There’s been a lot of talk about technology affecting people’s sleep, and certainly there are some people for who this is true. However, the truth is that there are many things that can affect our sleep - including how long we’ve been awake, more »

Why Early Bed-Time is Better

October 2011     Research shows that an early night may be a key factor in reducing obesity and improving fitness for teenagers.  The University of South Australia study examined the bedtimes and waking times of more than 2000 Australians aged between 9 and 16 years comparing their activity in their free time and their weight. more »

Sleep Hygiene: A Better Night's Sleep for Your Kids

January 2011     Mums and dads who tuck their little darlings into bed every night may also be unknowingly tucking them in with a breeding ground of fungi, bacteria and sweat, as laboratory tests reveal new mattresses can become compromised as quickly as six months later as a result of not cleaning or protecting bedding. more »

Fixing Technical Problems for a Good Night's Sleep

August 2010     Getting a good night's sleep often comes down to technique. Avoiding late-night technology use and keeping a regular sleep schedule are two important techniques to heed. more »

Kids Need Consistent Sleep

April 2010     Many Australian kids don't sleep enough during the school week and then try to make it up on the weekend, which hinders their performance at school. more »

Helping Your Kids Develop Good Sleep Habits

by Dr. Sarah Blunden     Both Australian and international research report that up to 35% of children experience a sleep problem that affects their daytime performance and behaviour and subsequent effects on the family. This equates to a large percentage of children in who are in need of assistance with their sleep problems. more »

Caffeine-Drinking Teens Don’t Get Enough Sleep

25 July 2009     Fueled by caffeine teens are up late at night, and they aren’t just focusing on homework. Web surfing, text messaging and gaming are keeping them up for hours into the night, according to a recent study by Drexel University’s Dr. Christina Calamaro. more »

Poor Teen Sleep Habits, Technology and Health

August 2008      Teenagers who don’t sleep well or long enough may have a higher risk of elevated blood pressure that could lead to cardiovascular disease later in life, researchers report in Circulation: Journal of the American Heart Association. more »

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