Kids and Family/Friends

Attention is the Currency of Family Relationships

Sliding on grass with kidsby Dr. Justin Coulson Parents consistently assure me that they want ‘the best’ for their children. They invest huge amounts of time and money in education, enrichment, and extra-curricular activities to give their children every advantage they possibly can. more »

Family Meals Help Kids Succeed

Family Mealby the Editor      Helping your child succeed in school may be as easy as sitting down for a family meal. Studies suggest that family meals play a key role in raising high-achieving, healthy and well-adjusted children. more »

Kids and Relationships: How to Join In

Playful Kidsby Helen Davidson, Kidzmix     School is not only about learning the 3 ‘R’s’ – reading, writing and arithmetic – it is also a new chapter in learning about that other ‘R’ – the 4th one -  ‘Relationships’; where the child steps outside the family into their largest community of new acquaintances to date, and without a family member more »

Family Time: Striking a Good Balance

Family in Bedby the Editor     Most of us would agree that spending time together as a family is an important factor for creating a happy childhood and a healthy family environment.  A new survey shows just that … but  with all the work and school commitments faced by families today, how can we ensure that we are spending adequate quality time together? more »

The Principles of Fight Free Families

Fighting Familyby Dr. Janet Hall     Even though fights are normal in families, what can parents do about them? Fights may be useful, but they are not usually comfortable. And handling fights can be very uncomfortable for the parent. This is typically because parents do not get formal training in fight control or in the major principles of learning. more »

Supportive Sibling Relationships

Siblings Talkingby Dr. Laurie Kramer     Many mums and dads say the toughest part of parenting is keeping the peace when their kids squabble and bicker. But making an end to conflict your primary focus is a mistake, says Laurie Kramer, a University of Illinois professor of applied family studies more »

Uncles and Aunts: The Other Family

Fishing with Auntieby Robert Milardo     I was raised in a typical Italian-American family.  It was large and sociable.  Family gatherings were frequent, offered occasions to visit and for children to play, and always centered on food and talk.  Our home was near town and within a short drive were the homes of my parent’s seven sisters and five brothers. more »

Kids and Relationships: Responding to Cruel Teasing

School Bullyingby Helen Davidson     In the last article of this series, we looked at the different forms that teasing can take, and questioned the merits of always grouping it with ‘bullying’ as being an example of abusive behaviour. The concept of ‘Cool Teasing’ was introduced; that is, when someone is attempting to have fun or may perhaps draw attention to a personal quality more »

Book: The 4th 'R' - Relationships - Helping Kids to Become Social Heroes

The 4th 'R' - RelationshipsThe 4th 'R' - Relationships
Author: Helen Davidson

The 4th ‘R’ - Relationships is a fun and practical, self-help book for both adults and children, about developing the social and emotional skills that help children make friends, bounce back from difficulties, be resilient and achieve lifelong positive mental health and happiness. more »

Kids and Relationships: To Tease or Not to Tease

Sibling Teasingby Helen Davidson, Kidzmix     It’s no secret that in recent years bullying has received a lot of publicity for not only the psychological damage that it causes victims, but also at times its lethal outcomes - coining the new term ‘bullycide’ - referring to those who have taken their lives as a direct result of usually years of harassment, bullying and intimidation. more »

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