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Maternal Resource Directory

Resources for women on hobbies, family, pregnancy, shopping and more. more »


General Parenting: From tots to teens and everything in between. more »

All For Women

All for Women is a community for all kinds of every day women to get together and chat, make friends, and get support and advice on all stages of life, including parenting. more »

Kids Count

Kidscount is the parenting website of the Australian Childhood Foundation with information on raising confident children, including understanding childrens' experiences and development, responding to children and finding help. more »

Kids Help Line and Parent Line

Kids Help Line is a free, confidential and anonymous counselling service for kids and young adults. For kids there is a safe, fun and interactive place to explore the issues that affect them most.  For parents, there is a parentline for support services as wll as a newsletter. more »

Book: Ethics 101 Conversations to Have With Your Kids

Ethics 101Ethics 101 Conversations to Have With Your Kids
Author: Michael Parker

Would you rather your child was smart or good?  Academic achievement is not the only important aspect of raising children? more »

Book: The Transition Tightrope

The Transition TightropeThe Transition Tightrope
Author: Angie Wilcock

The transition phase from primary to secondary school is a time of massive personal, physical, psychological and social change. Not only is it a difficult time for the young adolescent, but it is also a challenging time for parents, teachers and anyone working with young people experiencing such substantial changes in their lives. more »

Book: What Your Child Needs From You

What Your Child Needs from YouWhat Your Child Needs From You: Creating a Connected Family
Author: Dr. Justin Coulson

What Your Child Needs from You is a practical manual for creating a connected family.  This book delivers concrete strategies to help parents build meaningful relationships with their children. more »

Book: Mommy, Daddy, I Had a Bad Dream

Mommy, Daddy I Had a Bad DreamMommy, Daddy, I Had a Bad Dream!
Author: Martha Heineman Pieper

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Mommy, Daddy, I Had a Bad Dream! is for children 3 and up, especially those who have bad dreams or nightmares. It both entertains children and also gives them the tools they need to understand their dreams and the feelings that cause them. more »

Book: Raising Competent Children

Raising Competent ChildrenRaising Competent Children
Author: Jesper Juul

In this important international best-selling book, Jesper Juul argues that today's families are at an exciting crossroad.  The authoritarian parenting style is being transformed as we embrace a new set of values. more »

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