Education Financing

Schoolkids Bonus Replaces Education Tax Refund

May 2012      The Government has announced that 1.3 million Australian families with children at school will get a new cash payment to help make ends meet. more »

HECS for Vocational Students Finally Here

March 2012      Up to 60,000 students per year will no longer have to pay upfront fees to undertake vocational education and training. more »

Price Hikes Contribute to High Cost of Education

January 2012     Parents planning to send their child to private school in the future will need to prepare for significant cost increases over the next five years, according to an independent survey commissioned by the Australian Scholarships Group (ASG). more »

Extra Help for Families with Teenagers Who Stay in School

January 2012     From January 1, 2012,  eligible families with teenagers aged 16 to 19 will get a boost to their family payments of to up to $4,208 per teenager, if their child stays in school or a vocational training equivalent.  This increase will bring the maximum rate of Family Tax Benefit Part A for eligible teenagers to $6,307 a year. more »

New Survey Reveals High Schooling Price Tag

February 2011     A new Australian Scholarships Group (ASG) survey reveals the total schooling costs bill for parents of children born in 2011. For the first time, the future schooling costs estimates compare the costs for children attending school in metropolitan areas and regional areas. more »

Helping Australian Families with Back to School Expenses

January 2011     As kids prepare to head back to school, the Gillard Labor Government is encouraging an estimated 1.3 million Australian families to take advantage of the Education Tax Refund to help parents with the pressure of back-to-school costs. more »

Targeted Reforms For Better Student Income Support Welcome

October 2009    Universities Australia welcomes the proposed legislative changes to student income support that are under consideration by the Federal Parliament this week. more »

School Costs 2009

What's the school bill for 2009?  The Australian Scholarships Group (ASG) has released estimates of the amounts parents can reasonably expect to pay in 2009 depending on their school choices for their children and their children's stage of schooling. more »

Study: Families Prepared to Go Without to Educate

January 2009     The global financial downturn is affecting Australians’ feelings of preparedness to cope with the costs of their children’s education according to a survey commissioned by the Australian Scholarships Group (ASG). more »

Higher Education Loan Program

ATO Overview of the Higher Education Loan Programme. more »

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