Kids and Technology

Three Real-Life Benefits for Kids that Use Social Media

Kids on grass with tabletby Jessica McGarrity     Thanks to the continual advancement of modern technology, the world is a much different place than it was even a single generation ago. Socialization for children of past generations was limited to the contact found face-to-face or through letters or telephone calls. However, thanks to the Internet and social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter, the face of social interaction has changed drastically. more »

The Good and Bad of Social Media for Kids

Smart Phone teenby the Editor     Nine out of 10 teenagers have used social media, and the majority of them perceive it to be a more positive than negative influence in their lives, says a new American study. But in spite of their widespread use of today’s technology, teens prefer talking in person more »

Taking Your Child From Screen to Green

Boy on Swingby Dr. Paula Barrett     In the western world we are seeing alarming statistics showing that many families are now spending most of their free time indoors in front of screens.  Sadly, this has become a common form of relaxation for many children and their parents.  Screen relaxation activities are at the expense of time spent in nature, being involved in activities in natural environments and spending time with and conversing as a family. more »

Family Life and the Digital Age

Family Computer Timeby the Editor     Families are in a transition period, one in which parents recognize the importance of technology in their children's learning and future success, but don't always grant them access to the newer forms of media transforming their own adult lives. more »

Skills for Kids in the Digital Schoolyard

Boy with mobile phoneby the Editor     Australian parents have spent up big, equipping their kids with the latest gadgets to take to school - but many have failed to equip them with the cyber-skills necessary to navigate safely through their digital world, new research has revealed. more »

Mobile Phones May Help Kids Get Active

February 2012     Children who know how to use a mobile phone, as opposed to those who don’t, are more likely to move about their neighbourhood without adult supervision, new research from the Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER) suggests. more »

Aussie Kids are World's 'Earliest Internet Users'

November 2011     Australian children are among the youngest and prolific users of the internet in the world, according to a new study that compared the experience of Australian children aged 9-16 to those of their European counterparts. more »

Teenagers, Parents and Teachers Unaware of Social Networking Risks

March 2011 A report into the legal risks associated with the use of social networking sites (eg. Facebook, myspace) has found that while 95 per cent of Victorian students in years 7 to 10 use social networking sites, nearly 30 per cent did not consider social networking held any risks. more »

Impact of Social Networking on School Studies

July 2010     More than half of Australian parents with children using online social networking services like Facebook and Twitter say the services are distracting them from their studies according to the latest Cyber-safety Research Report commissioned by Telstra. more »

Can Texting Help Kids to Spell?

January 2010     Children who are heavy users of mobile phone text abbreviations such as LOL (laughing out loud), plz (please), l8ter (later) and xxx (kisses), are unlikely to be problem spellers and readers, a new study funded by the British Academy has found. more »

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