Kids and Money

Actionable Ways to Teach Children Finances

Fistful of dollarsby Daniel Schuler     Teaching financial responsibility to your children need not be a chore for anyone involved. Incorporating lessons about finances into age-appropriate games, careful administration of an allowance and seizing teaching moments as you lead your own life all serve to instill financial prudence. more »

Practical Money Lessons for Your Teen

Teen Money Successby Andrew Lendnal     Your teen is probably asking you for money even as you’re reading these words.  Raise your hand if you’ve never told a child money doesn’t grow on trees.  And if you don’t like the idea of money management or financial planning, chances are that child you’re thinking about right now doesn’t care for it much either. more »

Allowances: To Give or Not to Give

Boy Allowanceby Andrew Lendnal     Do you consider giving your children pocket money or an allowance essential? Is it bribery to ensure basic chores get done, or does it teach them budgeting, saving and basic money management skills? In truth, it’s probably a bit of both, and I don’t think either is a bad thing. more »

Kids Money

Kids Money has helpful articles and valuable advice to assist parents in teaching their children about money, as well as a parents club newsletter, money-teaching books and toys. Tips for parents available in the resources area of the website address topics including: understanding money, pocket money, presents that keep on giving, saving, spending, investing and charity. more »

The Mint! is a website focused on money management and it is packed with fun activities, games, challenges, quizzes and tests for students and teens, tips for parents, and entertaining programs and lesson plans for teachers. more »

FIDO's Money Tips for Young People

FIDO is part of the Australian Securities Commision website which teaches kids and young people how to manage their money, from debt control, super, investing, insurance and much more. more »

FIDO's Money Tips For Parents

FIDO is the Australian Security Commission website which provides tips for parents on helping their kids learn about managing money. more »

This is an American website with free tips for parents on teaching kids and teens about money.  (The worksheets require a membership subscription).  Help teach your kids about money, finding their first job, starting a business, allowances and saving money. more »

Understanding Money Website

This website was created by the Financial Literacy Foundation, established by the Australian Government to give all Australians the opportunity to increase their financial knowledge and better manage their money.  The website is now run by ASIC, and offers handbooks, tools and information on financial literacy. more »

More After-School Employment Opportunities

June 2011     The decision by Fair Work Australia (FWA)to ease minimum engagement requirements for casual work by school students in shops is a win for both retailers and young Australians seeking to set a foot in the labour market. more »

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