Well-Being Sites for Kids

Cure the Bullies

Developed BY kids FOR kids, CureTheBullies is a fun, interactive awareness-raising campaign, which focuses on a new approach to the issue – by targeting the ‘bystander’ – kids who may witness bullying behaviour or even act as an accomplice to bullying behaviours, through their use of email, social networking or text messaging.

   ...read more »

Teen Truth

This site has been developed by the Florida Department of Health to engage teens, parents and other citizens in an informative dalogue about teen risks.   ...read more »

Student Edge

Student Edge provides students with free access to online student services information including health and wellbeing, study and career tools. It also engages students with membership rewards, including a host of exclusive big brand discounts.  ...read more »


Parents:  This Marie Stopes International site provides straighforward information for your teens. Teens: Sick of reading stuff on SEX that doesn't tell you what you really want to know?  ...read more »

Talk It Up - Kids' Health Online

Talk It Up is a great website for kids around health, strength, happiness and growing into adulthood. Talk It Up's feature sections deal with the major mental and social development issues facing youth today. These will help young people acquire skills to deal with the changes and stress that are part of growing into independent adulthood.  ...read more »


The Ride2School website helps parents and students learn about riding safely.  There are articles, surveys, events, stories, photos and videos.  ...read more »

Teen Health

This is the Children, Youth and Women's Health Service 'Teen Health' site, just for 12 to 17 year olds.  The Teen Health web site has lots of information for teenagers on health, wellbeing and having fun.  ...read more »

Kids' Health

This is the Children, Youth and Women's Health Service 'Kids Only' site, just for 6 to 12 year olds.  Here, you will be able to find information and help about being a healthy, happy kid.  ...read more »

Kids Help Line and Parent Line

Kids Help Line is a free, confidential and anonymous counselling service for kids and young adults. For kids there is a safe, fun and interactive place to explore the issues that affect them most.  For parents, there is a parentline for support services as wll as a newsletter.  ...read more »

Budd:e by StaySmartOnline

The Budd:e website helps kids to learn about being safe on the internet.  Fun games for primary and secondary students will help you learn about how to keep your computer safe, what is safe to publish online and what is better kept private, how to potect your ID, how to create a strong passord, how to know when something is a scam, and more.  ...read more »

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