School Performance/Testing

Government's My School Website

For the first time parents, teachers and communities will have access to nationally consistent information that details a school’s results, its workforce, its financial resources and the student population it serves. more »

Educational Performance Data / Year 12 Outcomes by School

These Department of Education links provided by the States and Territories contain comprehensive educational performance data and school profiles and/or Year 12 results by school. more »

Tertiary Admissions Centres and Results

Australian Tertiary Admissions Centres are listed below, with links.  University entrance and results information. more »

NAPLAN Information and Results

The NAPLAN ( National Assessment Program - Literacy and Numeracy) tests all students in Australia in Years 3,5,7,9 on all aspects of literacy and numeracy, comprising: Reading, Writing, Language Conventions (Spelling, Grammar and Punctuation) and Numeracy.


The NAPLAN tests for 2014 will be held from 13-15 May. more »

Links to Your Year 12 Secondary School Results

The following table provides links to website pages with information on how to obtain your secondary school results. more »

VCE Student Achievement Results By School

The Victorian Curriculum Assessment Authority compiles a list of VCE student achievement results, by school.  This data is designed to inform the community on programs available at each school, and the success of the school in preparing students for a wide range of pathways. more »

Education Ministers on NAPLAN/ Non-Government Schools /Bullying

April 2012      All Australian education ministers have agreed to work together to streamline regulations over the reporting requirements of non-government schools, particularly around financial and governance decisions. more »

'My School' Website Updated to Give Parents More Information

February 2012 Australian parents and teachers can now track how children have improved over time in the key areas of literacy and numeracy with the launch of the newest version of the My School website. more »

Education Expert Finds NAPLAN Affecting Learning

September 2011     The controversial introduction of mandatory national testing in Australian schools is affecting teacher morale and student learning, according to a study being led by Queensland University of Technology (QUT) Professor Barbara Comber. more »

Schools Using NAPLAN to Select Students?

May 2011     Some secondary schools have reportedly started using NAPLAN tests to determine if they want to enrol particular students.  The Minister for School Education, Peter Garrett, has confirmed that it is entirely inappropriate for schools to use NAPLAN results to determine the enrolment of a student. more »

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