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The How To's of Children's Emotions

Frustrated Preschool Girlby Tahlia Mandie, Direction Exploring      My daughter is nearly two - sigh. She is two in April. I watch her every day and ask myself how she grew up so quickly? It was only yesterday that she was this little tiny bundle so helpless, so reliant on me and so dependent on me. more »

How to Help Your Kids Through Exams

Studying for Examby Tahlia Mandie, Direction Exploring     It is that time of year again when exam time is fast approaching. You remember like it was only yesterday that your child was starting school, dressed so proudly in their new school uniform. And now, the daunting new era of finishing school and embarking on the next chapter of life is all too close. more »

Helping Your Child Cope When Friendships Go Wrong

Friends Stareby Tahlia Mandie, Direction Exploring     We all want to have close friendships. As human beings, by nature, we gravitate to the acceptance of others and crave the need to feel worthy and loved. We are creatures that need to be around others, as opposed to totally be reliant on our own company. Going to school is no longer about the activities they may be learning, but rather the friends they are going to see. more »

A New Year Begins: Time to Reflect

Family sunsetby Tahlia Mandie, Direction Exploring     So the end of year has come again where we sit and wonder “where has the year gone?” So often we go with the punches, sit back, and continue doing what we always do. So often we dedicate time and energy to everyone else other than ourselves – attending to the children, house hold chores, daily and weekly routines. more »

Leadership Skills to Empower Your Kids

Leadership - Holding Handsby Tahlia Mandie, Direction Exploring     Do all kids need to be leaders? All cultures, communities and individuals look towards a role model or someone to aspire to. Someone they can turn to in tough times as well as triumphant times. Leadership has different meanings for different people and cultures. more »

Striving to Success - The First Steps

by Tahlia Mandie, Direction Exploring     With the school year beginning, students and parents are most probably gearing up for the year ahead. Students beginning their VCE or final years may be thinking about the journey ahead, possible challenges and even maybe career and life decisions. Achieving a sense of success is on everyone’s mind. more »

Balancing Study and Work - Tips for Your Teens

Teen Working in Ice Cream ShopBy Tahlia Mandie, Direction Exploring  These days it is not uncommon for teenagers to want to get part-time or casual work. The idea of getting a little extra ‘pocket money’ and cash they can use to purchase new gadgets and gismos, hang out with friends and save for bigger purchases is exciting. more »

How to Help Your Teen Study Effectively

Teenage boy StudyingBy Tahlia Mandie, Direction Exploring     With exam time almost upon us, students may be feeling the pressure and heightened stress, and questioning how well they will remember in the exam what they have studied. more »

How Parenting Styles Influence our Children's Development

Parent Child SunsetBy Tahlia Mandie, Direction Exploring     Tahlia talks about setting boundaries, communication, and adapting to situations, and how we can find a 'parenting style' that suits the needs and values of our families. more »

Helping Your Child Get Through Rough Patches

Mother Teen SonBy Tahlia Mandie, Direction Exploring     Everyone experiences great days, but there will also be some days where you feel down. We all experience highs and lows, and children are no different. There will be times when children experience tough times and low times. more »

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