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Book: Max Your Marks

Max Your MarksMax Your Marks
Author: Rowena Austin & Annie Hastwell

Each year about 200,000 students around Australia sit Year 12 exams. And the competition for top marks is intense. Max Your Marks is the first book to offer study advice and lifestyle tips from the highest-achieving students in the country - students who achieved a tertiary admission rank of 95 or more. more »

Book: Where the Streets Had a Name

Where the Streets Had a NameWhere the Strets Had a Name 
Authors: Randa Abdel-Fattah

Gold INKY Award Winner 2009

Thirteen-year-old Hayaat is on a mission. She believes a handful of soil from her grandmother's ancestral home in Jerusalem will save her beloved Sitti Zeynab's life. The only problem is the impenetrable wall that divides the West Bank, as well as the check points, the curfews, the permit system... more »

Book: The Hunger Games

The Hunger GamesThe Hunger Games
Authors: Suzanne Collins

Silver INKY Award Winner 2009

Sixteen-year-old Katniss Everdeen regards it as a death sentence when she is forced to represent her district in the annual Hunger Games, a fight to the death on live TV. But Katniss has been close to death before - and survival, for her, is second nature. more »

Book: Twilight Saga Set

Twilight SetTwilight Saga Set 
Author: Stephanie Meyer

Recommended / Gift Idea

This stunning boxed set contains all four of Meyer's New York Times-bestselling novels in the Twilight saga: Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, and Breaking Dawn, along with 4 lithographs of each book cover... more »

Book: Sprite Downberry

Sprite DownberrySpright Downberry
Author: Nette Hilton

Queensland Premier's Literary Award 2009 - Young Adult Shortlisted Book

Right now, Sprite Downberry's life is pretty tough. Her dad is busy and away a lot, and her mum, Sunny, is very moody and unpredictable, so Sprite feels she can't tell her about the nasty girls at school. And Sprite is also worried about her little brother, Mozz. He can't talk properly and he's supposed to be starting school soon... more »

Book: My Candlelight Novel

My Candlelight NovelMy Candlelight Novel 
Author: Joanne Horniman

Queensland Premier's Literary Award 2009 - Young Adult Shortlisted Book

Sophie is a 21-year-old single mother and this beautifully written novel explores her relationships in all their surprising and sensuous complexities. A companion to the award-winning Secret Scribbled Notebooks... more »

Book: A Small Free Kiss In The Dark

A Small Free Kiss in the DarkA Small Free Kiss in the Dark 
Author: Glenda Millard

Queensland Premier's Literary Award 2009 - Young Adult Book Winner

Skip's an outsider, a quiet observer. He draws pictures to make sense of the world. He's never fitted in. So he takes to the streets. Life there may be hard, but it's better than the one he's left, especially when he teams up with old Billy... more »

Book: Two Pearls of Wisdom

Two Pearls of WisdomTwo Pearls of Wisdom 
Author: Alison Goodman

Victoria Premier's Prize for Young Adult Fiction 2009 - Shortlisted Book

Eon is a potential Dragoneye, able to manipulate wind and water to nurture and protect the land. But Eon also has a dark secret. He is really Eona, found by a power-hungry master of the Dragon Magic in a search for the new Dragoneye. Because females are forbidden to practise the Art, Eona endures years of study concealed as a boy... more »

Book: Something in the World Called Love

Something in the World Called LoveSomething in the World Called Love 
Author: Sue Saliba

Victoria Premier's Prize for Young Adult Fiction 2009 - Shortlisted Book

When Esma moves into 22 Starling Street, she knows she has come to the right place. A place to become someone new. A place to belong. As the seasons change, she finds herself falling deeper and deeper in love. But not in the way she expects... more »

Book: The Beginner's Guide to Living

The Beginer's Guide to LivingThe Beginner's Guide to Living 
Author: Lia Hills

Victoria Premier's Prize for Young Adult Fiction 2009 - Shortlisted Book

Seventeen-year-old Will is clever but he can't find answers to any of his questions after his mother dies in a car accident. His father seems to be drifting and his older brother stays away from home. And Will just can't get past being either angry or in tears.  He finds his mum's old camera and begins taking photos that help him see thing differently. ... more »

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