School Transitions

Simple Tips to Reduce Back to School Stress

Primary School Girlby the Editor Getting to know your children’s friends, helping out at school and practising school-day routines with young children will help families manage the back to school period and throughout the school year, according to Australia’s first charity The Benevolent Society. more »

Transitioning to Secondary School - It's Like Walking a Tightrope!

Balancing Books Girlby Angie Wilcock Do you look at your young son or daughter and wonder who they are? Are they preparing for the big move to high school and you are wondering how they will cope with new friends, new environment, new teachers, new and different subjects, more homework....and they're not really talking to you? more »

20 Things A Teacher Would Like Parents to Know

Teacher Students Classroomby Paul Whitehead     Can we have an honest conversation?  I promise, I am not “representing the teaching fraternity” by writing this… I haven’t consulted with my colleagues; in fact they may well feel VERY differently from the views I express here. I do want to express some of my thoughts from my own teaching experiences over the past twenty years. more »

They Carry Us With Them: A Kindergarten Experience

Preschool Girlby Lynn Jenkins      My daughter started kindergarten this year.  As I walked her into school on her first day, I noticed all the other ‘newbies’ – chubby little hands holding onto their mums and dads hands.  Some looked confident; some were crying and most had a look of excitement mixed with a tinge of deer-caught-in-headlights. more »

Preparing Kids for a Healthy School Year

Siblings Ready for Schoolby the Editor     As long summer days of fun in the sun and family holidays come to an end, families are preparing for the start of a new school year.  ‘Back to school’ is a frantic time for parents with so many things to organise, but the start of a new school year is also a great time to start afresh with healthy resolutions. more »

Making Friends at a New School: A Guide for Parents

Four School Friendsby Helen Davidson     At this time of year many children – and their parents - will have not only a new school year to look forward to but also perhaps starting at a new school.  Maybe the family have moved neighbourhoods, states or even country and so in December it was ‘Goodbye’ to old classmates, well known corridors and familiarity with the school rules, more »

School Transitions: Parents Do Make a Difference

Mother daughter happy hugby Angie Wilcock, High Hopes     Whether our children are moving from pre-school to 'big school', primary to secondary, or secondary to tertiary or the work place, parents ALWAYS have a role to play - significantly different in each phase, but a role nonetheless. more »

Book: The Transition Tightrope

The Transition TightropeThe Transition Tightrope
Author: Angie Wilcock

The transition phase from primary to secondary school is a time of massive personal, physical, psychological and social change. Not only is it a difficult time for the young adolescent, but it is also a challenging time for parents, teachers and anyone working with young people experiencing such substantial changes in their lives. more »

Career Time: Thinking Ahead

Future Expectationsby Mathew Green,  My Cents Careers mean different things to different people. I used to want to be an astronaut, and to be honest part of me still does.. I also wanted to be a doctor, but the sight of blood terrified me.  I remember meeting with my career’s adviser at school, who ‘advised’ me that I should study a trade and not pursue a course at University. more »

Surviving Beyond the First Week of School

First Day of Schoolby Angie Wilcock, High Hopes     Five year olds all over the country are about to embark on their first week of 'big school'! Mums and dads are preparing to wipe away the tears, settle into a new routine of ‘pick-up’ and ‘drop-off’, and tackle the thirteen year journey ahead. more »

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