Learning Differences

A Lesson in Colour: Is Your Child Colour Blind?

Child holdong crayonsby Dennis R. Overton     Imagine as a child not being able to read off a screen or board or out of a book and not know why? Not being able to pick up a coloured pencil and colour the little frog red; or unable to distinguish ripe or unripe fruit or follow colour coded instructions on a web page.  ...read more »

How Can I Help My Gifted Child?

Schoolboy in Classby Michael Bond, VAGTC     There are many reasons why gifted students have been underachieving on the NAPLAN and in the regular classroom. Often gifted students are not challenged during their primary school years and they can then become disengaged with school. Many gifted students are bored and thus develop poor work habits.  ...read more »

Resources for Families of Kids with Learning Difficulties and Disabilities

Kids All InResources and support services for families of children with learning difficulties or disabilites. These websites offer a wealth of information about dislexia and other learning issues, special programs, and parent support.

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Resources for Families with Gifted Children

Girl WritingResources and support services for families of gifted children are listed below.  These websites offer a wealth of information about giftedness, special programs, and parent support.

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Book: Words Get Knotted

Words Get KnottedWords Get Knotted
Author: Pippa Sweeney


Dyslexia is a difficulty with words that is often misunderstood and sometimes unrecognised.  If your child has dyslexia then this book will help them to understand their own word difficulties and to teach their family and friends about it too!

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Gifted Students 'dumb-down' to Fit in at School

July 2012      Is our education system failing the our best and brightest students?  A report by the Victorian Parliament’s Education and Training Committee has found that this is the case in Victoria. “There is a widespread misconception that gifted students will succeed without any extra assistance,” said the  Committee’s Chair, Mr David Southwick MP.

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New Advisory Group on School Students with Disability

September 2011     A new Schools Disability Advisory Council will provide ongoing, expert advice to the Federal Government on how to provide more support and better services for students with disability. Minister for School Education Peter Garrett and Parliamentary Secretary for Disabilities and Carers Senator Jan McLucas made the announcement.  ...read more »

First National Trial for Australian School Students With Disabilities

July 2011     A trial program underway in 150 schools will help develop a nation-wide, consistent model to identify students with disabilities, leading to a better understanding of the funding and support needs of schools.  ...read more »

Have Your Say About Education Disability Standards

February 2011     The Federal Government is taking action to help remove barriers to educational achievement, with a review of Disability Standards for Education.  Minister for School Education Peter Garrett said recent figures show the numbers of funded school students with disability increased by more than 20 per cent in the four years from 2005 to 2009.  ...read more »

Less Talk from Parents Can Encourage More Speech from Children

February 2010     A University of Sydney study has found children with well below average language skills performed almost as well as their normally developing peers just four months after their parents made a few simple changes in the way they interacted with them.  ...read more »

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