How Kids Learn

Parents Just Don't Understand- The Role Of Parental Control

November 2009    Many parents like to meddle in their children's lives. Sometimes this can be beneficial, if the meddling is in the form of parental guidance or setting rules. more »

Educate Yourself To Boost Achievement In Your Kids

6 August 2009     A University of Michigan researcher provides some useful advice for parents who want to increase their children's academic success. more »

Mum And Dad's Influence Differ In Childrens' Academic Success

8 August, 2009     Mothers and fathers play different roles and make different contributions to a child’s upbringing, but a father’s influence upon a child’s academic success later in life is felt the most when he’s involved from the very beginning, says a University of Illinois expert in early childhood education. more »

Learning With Style - A Guide for Parents

Parent and Child Learning

By Angie Wilcock, High Hopes     How do YOU learn? If we stop and think about how we learn, process and understand new information we may not only become more efficient in the work place, we may also become better learners. Imagine how much easier it would be if, as parents, we can ‘tap’ into what makes our children tick and help them to become more effective learners! more »

Kicking SMART Goals: Easy Steps to Goal Setting

Smart GoalsBy Tahlia Mandie, Direction Exploring     Setting Goals can be a challenging yet rewarding experience for all. Goal setting is a process about thinking about your future, and the steps you need to take in order to turn your vision into a reality. more »

Video: Ken Robinson - Creativity in Education

VideoKen Robinson gives an amazing presentation that is a must see for anyone who is interested in education, creativity, hope for the future of mankind. more »

Parents & Kids - Talk About Current Events

Family reading Newspaperby Judy Armes     Talking with your Kids about Current Events? Why not?  There are so many news articles on line, in newspapers and on TV that are truly worthy of noting.  The trick if you're going to talk with your kids about them is to avoid our adult urge to "comment" and/or share our own opinions. more »

Physical Activity May Strengthen Children's Ability to Pay Attention

March 2009     Findings from a University of Illinois study suggest there are academic benefits to physical education classes, recess periods and after-school exercise programs. more »

Social Skills and Extracurricular Activities Pay Off Later

March 2009     It turns out that being voted "Most likely to succeed" in high school might actually be a good predictor of one's financial and educational success later in life. more »

Physically Fit Students More Likely to Do Well In School

March 2009     A first-of-its-kind study of more than 2.4 million Texas students found that students who are physically fit are more likely to do well on the state’s standardized tests and have good school attendance. Fit students are also less likely to have disciplinary referrals. more »

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