How Kids Learn

Family Chats Can Help Kids Learn

July 2010     Taking the time to talk to your children about current events like the Gulf Oil spill -- and using mathematical terms to do so -- can help students develop better reasoning and math skills and perform better in school, according to a study by a University at Buffalo professor. more »

Young Children Are Skilled Negotiators

June 2010     Young children are skilled negotiators when it comes to relationships and the content of play, reveals a thesis from the University of Gothenburg, Sweden.  Researchers examined what children negotiate over, how they negotiate and the strategies they use. more »

Emotional Intelligence for Happy Kids

Autumn Kidsby Margaret Sgouros, Ifkids     A student’s well-being, ie, how happy and successful a child is at school is dependant on more than IQ. A happy child usually outperforms a miserable child. Children who are extremely bright academically often do not achieve as well as they should and parents wonder why? more »

Teaching Your Kids to Take the Right Risks

Boy on Ropesby C.J. Simister, Future-Smart    In this, the second of three short articles, education expert C. J. Simister describes a selection of fun, family-friendly ways in which parents can help their children to develop a positive and healthy attitude to risk-taking.  While success at school is obviously very helpful, she argues that a total reliance on this may mean we are missing part of the picture. more »

Helping Your Kids to Think Independently

Boy with Ideaby C.J. Simister, Future-Smart     Last month on YourKidsEd, education expert C. J. Simister described some of the magic ingredients that can make all the difference to a child’s future – things like persistence, initiative, resilience, an innovative spirit and the ability to sort sense from nonsense . more »

Are Your Kids Ready to Face the Modern World?

by C.J. Simister, Future-Smart     Is your child ‘future-smart™’?  It’s one of those lurking, back-of-the-mind issues that most parents will have felt at least a little uneasy about at some point or other: How can we be sure that when the time comes our children are going to be ready not only to face but also to flourish in the big, bad (but tremendously exciting) world? more »

Does Your Child Learn the Hard Way?

By Michael Grose     Does your child act before he thinks?  Does your child pat a dog, even though you warn him not to?  Would your child ignore a 'wet paint, don't touch' sign and check it out for themselves?  If you're busy nodding your head then chances are your child likes to learn through trial and error. more »

Less Talk from Parents Can Encourage More Speech from Children

February 2010     A University of Sydney study has found children with well below average language skills performed almost as well as their normally developing peers just four months after their parents made a few simple changes in the way they interacted with them. more »

Striving to Success - The First Steps

by Tahlia Mandie, Direction Exploring     With the school year beginning, students and parents are most probably gearing up for the year ahead. Students beginning their VCE or final years may be thinking about the journey ahead, possible challenges and even maybe career and life decisions. Achieving a sense of success is on everyone’s mind. more »

Can Texting Help Kids to Spell?

January 2010     Children who are heavy users of mobile phone text abbreviations such as LOL (laughing out loud), plz (please), l8ter (later) and xxx (kisses), are unlikely to be problem spellers and readers, a new study funded by the British Academy has found. more »

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