A Lesson in Colour: Is Your Child Colour Blind?

Child holdong crayonsby Dennis R. Overton     Imagine as a child not being able to read off a screen or board or out of a book and not know why? Not being able to pick up a coloured pencil and colour the little frog red; or unable to distinguish ripe or unripe fruit or follow colour coded instructions on a web page. more »

Keeping Your Children Safe Around Water

Smiling Kids in Poolby the Editor     With school finishing and with summer activities on the rise, we need to be extra careful when having fun around water.  Parents and carers can reduce the risk of drowning and provide their children valuable skills for life by following some important steps, as outlined by water safety experts. more »

Why Reading With Your Young Children is Essential

Reading Park Mum Kidsby the Editor     Poring over the works of Dr. Seuss, the adventures of the Berenstain Bears or exploring the worlds of Hans Christian Andersen with a child has always been a great parent-child bonding exercise. more »

The Anxious Child: What Can Parents Do?

Sad Girl Windowby Helen Davidson     All children experience anxiety; it’s normal and expected - particularly at specific developmental times.   From the age of 8-9 months of age for example, a baby may begin to show worry and distress at being separated from a parent or known carer and this may continue through the pre-school years. more »

Taking Your Child From Screen to Green

Boy on Swingby Dr. Paula Barrett     In the western world we are seeing alarming statistics showing that many families are now spending most of their free time indoors in front of screens.  Sadly, this has become a common form of relaxation for many children and their parents.  Screen relaxation activities are at the expense of time spent in nature, being involved in activities in natural environments and spending time with and conversing as a family. more »

7 Tips About Learning That Every Parent Should Know

Learning Father Sonby Dr. Patricia Porter     There is tremendous excitement in the air about parents supporting children’s learning.  And here is why: it is the best way to ensure that children succeed in school.  However, knowing how to help your child can be an uphill battle. With so much information (and misinformation!)out there how do you know that you are doing the right thing? more »

Not Tech Savvy Enough to Keep Your Kids Cyber Safe?

Mother Teen Son Laptopby the Editor     “It’s important for parents to remember that they don’t need to be tech experts to keep their kids safe online. Parents should approach their child’s development in the online world as they would in the offline world - by teaching them about right and wrong behaviours." more »

How to Help Your Kids Through Exams

Studying for Examby Tahlia Mandie, Direction Exploring     It is that time of year again when exam time is fast approaching. You remember like it was only yesterday that your child was starting school, dressed so proudly in their new school uniform. And now, the daunting new era of finishing school and embarking on the next chapter of life is all too close. more »

Is Too Much Screen Time Affecting Your Child's Grades?

Kids Book Laptopby the Editor     TV and the Internet all provide unprecedented learning opportunities for our children, but when our children’s screen time starts eating into other important areas, such as homework assignments and reading, our children’s school performance can suffer. more »

What Children Learn From Having Pets

Girl with Dogby the Editor     Pets can play an important role in children’s lives and they are often referred to as 'one of the family'. As well as providing a constant source of enjoyment, friendship and fun, many pets thrive in a family and household environment, and provide many benefits and learning opportunities for children. more »

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