State and Territory Government Education Authorities

This list provides links to the state and territory government authorities, responsible for government schools. more »

Catholic Education Commission Websites

The representative body for Catholic schools in each state. Some state commissions look after several regional offices.  Click on the relevant link below for information on your state. more »

Snapshot of Catholic Education in Victoria

From the Catholic Education Commission of Victoria     Catholic schools are an important part of the Catholic Church’s mission; they seek to be the schools of first choice for Catholic parents. Dignity and respect for each student form the basis of teaching and learning in Catholic schools, with the values of the Gospel integral to the faith development activities and religious education programs. more »

State and Territory Boards of Studies

This list provides links to the state and territory boards of studies, generally responsible for setting the curriculum and certifying schools. more »

Online School Directories

If you're a parent looking for a  school for your child, anywhere in Australia, you'll find it using these online services. more »

ABC Splash

ABC Splash is a public online education portal that provides students, teachers and parents with access to an extensive range of educational media resources mapped and aligned to the Australian Curriculum. more »

Let's Read Campaign

Families across Australia will be encouraged to share books, songs and rhymes with their young children every day as part of the national Let’s Read Early Literacy Campaign. more »

Spanish for Kids

Kids can learn basic Spanish online for free, and have fun at the same time! more »

FMC Leadership Academy for Kids

FMC Leadership Academy for Kids specialise in delivering practical, effective and proven personal development programs for kids aged from 7 to 16 and beyond. more »

Maths is Fun

This website offers mathematics in an enjoyable and easy-to-learn manner, to make mathematics fun.  The site aims to cover the full Kindergarten to Year 12 curriculum. more »

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