Tackling Binge Drinking Campaign

The Australian Preventative Health Agency has just launched the Be The Influence – Tackling Binge Drinking Campaign, aimed at 16-24 year olds. more »

Safety First

Safety First provides a range of First Aid courses & workshops to the community.  They work with a variety of people in the community, and also work with new mums and the Early child years sectors.  Safety First have a kids & parents corner on their website. more »

Working Together Against Bullying

The Working Together Against Bullying activities emphasise that effective solutions to bullying and violence in schools can only be achieved through the collective action of schools, students, parents and the wider community. more »

Kids Activities Websites

Here are a few links to help you find fun and educational activities for your kids to do.  These resources can help you find sports clubs, classes and lessons, and school holiday activities for your kids. more »

Get the Life You Love

Getting the life you love takes more than just luck – it means actively managing your life, always learning, and being ready for change. more »

Easy Guide to Socialising Online

The Easy Guide to Socialising Online website has been developed in partnership with industry and young people to help parents, children and educators combat cyberbullying and inappropriate content online. more »

The Best Cyber Safety Resources for Your Family

Many parents worry that they've been left behind when it comes to helping their kids navigate the digital world and keeping them cyber-safe.  The good news is that help is out there!  Resources are plentiful, covering cyber safety, digital citizenship, bullying, identity theft, predators, and more.  Here are our favourites: more »

Cure the Bullies

Developed BY kids FOR kids, CureTheBullies is a fun, interactive awareness-raising campaign, which focuses on a new approach to the issue – by targeting the ‘bystander’ – kids who may witness bullying behaviour or even act as an accomplice to bullying behaviours, through their use of email, social networking or text messaging. more »

Teenagers and Acohol

When children become teenagers, they usually want to spend more time with their friends and will often find themselves in places where others are drinking alcohol.  This Australian government website and associated booklet contains information to help parents and guardians discuss and manage alcohol use by teenagers. more »

Recipes for Kids

PastaThese kid-friendly websites will tempt your young chefs with tasty recipes to make and eat.   Helping your kids in the kitchen is a great way to spend quality time together and teach your children important life skills along the way. more »

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