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Health Warning for Parents of Teenage Kids

February 2011     High school students graduating to be tomorrows cancer and cardiovascular patients.  Results of a national nutrition and physical activity survey of high school students, just released, will ring alarm bells among educators, health professionals and parents. more »

Is Laptop Use Harming Your Child?

Girl Laptop Bagby the Editor     As parents, we may not be too concerned with our kids riding bikes in the backyard without a helmet but would insist on one if they were to go out on the road, and we need to apply these same principles to laptop use. Physical problems can result as our children spend more time on their laptops. more »

Teaching Kids About Healthy Teeth

Brushing Teethwith Dr. Philippa Sawyer     Dental health experts fear Australia’s complacency towards oral health is reaching epidemic proportions with a recent report revealing most Australians adults (along with their children) choose to avoid the dentist despite having serious dental health issues. more »

Aussie Mums Losing Focus on Child Eye Health

July 2010     Leading eye experts are stressing eye health checks must begin at birth to ensure treatable conditions are diagnosed early, as new research findings reveal over two-thirds of Aussie kids under four (69%) have never had their eyes checked. more »

Tobacco Fact Sheet

by the World Health Organisation     Tobacco use is one of the biggest public health threats the world has ever faced. It kills more than five million people a year – an average of one person every six seconds – and accounts for one in 10 adult deaths. Up to half of current users will eventually die of a tobacco-related disease. more »

Food Allergy Education - Not Just for Schools

May 2010     The prevalence of food allergies is on the rise. Worldwide research is yet to find the reason for this dramatic increase. Until a cure is found, education on food allergy, its management and emergency treatment is what will prevent reactions and save lives. more »

Four Great Reasons Why Kids Should Walk to School

Walk Safely to School Day kidsby the Editor     It’s nearly that time of year again when parents and primary school aged children from right around Australia are being asked to make those important steps towards a healthier childhood by participating in National Walk Safely to School Day. more »

Lack of Morning Light Keeping Teens up at Night

February 2010     The first field study on the impact of light on teenagers' sleeping habits finds that insufficient daily morning light exposure contributes to teenagers not getting enough sleep. more »

Importance of Sleep Education for Young Adolescents

February 2010     While Year 6 and 7 students might enjoy watching television or MSN-ing their friends way past their bed time,  UniSA researchers are hoping to make sleep a priority for South Australian school children. more »

Kids Eye Health on Back-to-School Checklist

January 2010     An Australian school principal warns that undiagnosed vision problems amongst young children can lead to poor school results and learning difficulties. According to Melbourne’s Gilson College principal Mark Vodell, who has over 25 years teaching experience, many school children can struggle at school due to undetected vision problems. more »

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