Personal Safety & Sex Ed

Safety First

Safety First provides a range of First Aid courses & workshops to the community.  They work with a variety of people in the community, and also work with new mums and the Early child years sectors.  Safety First have a kids & parents corner on their website. more »

Teen Truth

This site has been developed by the Florida Department of Health to engage teens, parents and other citizens in an informative dalogue about teen risks. more »


Parents:  This Marie Stopes International site provides straighforward information for your teens. Teens: Sick of reading stuff on SEX that doesn't tell you what you really want to know? more »


Somazone is a safe space for young people to ask questions, share stories and get help for mental health issues, sexual health, relationships, abuse, body image, and drug use. more »

The Hormone Factory

This website is designed to assist parents and teachers in talking to children about sexual and reproductive development and answering their questions. more »

Your Sex Health

This website, developed by the University of Melbourne, delivers information on sexual practices, sexual safety, reproduction, male and female issues, and relationship issues, to young people. more »

The Importance of First Aid Skills For Kids

Red Cross First Aid by the Editor Knowing how to administer First Aid is, of course, an important life-saving skill that everybody should know. As young people move towards independence and take on responsibilities in their own lives they should know how to help others, whether it is a family member, friend or fellow citizen. more »

8 Body Safety Skills Every Parent Should Teach Their Child

Safe Holding Hands with DadBy Jayneen Sanders We teach our children water safety and road safety, and it is crucial that we teach them ‘body safety’ as well.  As a teacher, mother, and published author on ‘body safety’ (sexual abuse prevention education), I strongly recommend to all parents that ‘body safety’ should become a normal part of your parenting conversation with your children. more »

Scared of Having The Talk? Here's Some Help!

Parent Child Chatwith Nelly Thomas     Most parents squirm at the idea of having ‘the talk’ with their children.  Many of us will entirely avoid this uncomfortable task, and justify it by telling ourselves that kids learn what they need during school classes.  Many of us will decide to do it but wouldn’t know how to approach it, or when. more »

Protecting Our Children from Child Sexual Assault

Rainy Window Silhouetteby the Editor The figures on the number of children who are sexually assaulted each year in Australia are staggering. Research consistently suggests that around 1 in 5 children will be sexually assaulted – irrespective of socio-economic background, religion, race etc. That’s massive. It’s been described by some as an epidemic, but one we don’t really talk about. more »

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