Kids and Sport/Activities

Kids Activities Websites

Here are a few links to help you find fun and educational activities for your kids to do.  These resources can help you find sports clubs, classes and lessons, and school holiday activities for your kids. more »

Learning The Importance of Fair Play

Soccer Kidsby the Editor      As Olympic hopefuls from across the globe work on final preparations for London 2012, it’s Aussie kids they should take the lead from.   New research reveals that Aussie kids are role models when it comes to playing fair. more »

ABS Data Reveals Most Popular Kids Sports and Activities

November 2012      Swimming and soccer top the list of most popular sports participated in by Australian kids, according to survey results released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS). more »

After School Activities Help Kids Do Better

October 2012     School-age children who participate in structured after-school activities improve their academic achievement, according to a new study from Southern Methodist University, Dallas.  The study by researchers in SMU's Simmons School of Education and Human Development measured academic performance of students enrolled in Boys and Girls Clubs of Greater Dallas. more »

Play by the Rules

Play by the Rules provides information and online learning for community sport and recreation on how to: prevent and deal with discrimination, harassment and child abuse, and develop inclusive and welcoming environments for participation. more »

Departments of Sport and Recreation

These state and territory departments are the lead agencies responsible for the implementation of government policy and initiatives in sport and recreation.  Find out about clubs, coaches, training, disabilities, recreation camps, and community programs. more »

Australian Sports Links

Here you will find lots of interesting links with information on a variety of Australian sports, from Badminton to Baseball, Skiing, Soccer, and many more. more »

Australian Sports Commisison

The ASC supports sport through many innovative programs ranging from promoting ethical sporting practices to helping clubs grow their membership base. It also works with national sporting organisations to ensure clear pathways from community sport to elite performance. more »

Kids Sport: Playing by the Rules

Soccer Teamby the Editor     In Part Two of our Kids and Sport feature, we explore the importance of parents' behaviour at kids' sporting matches.  Children are influenced by our actions, and a key aspect of maximising children's enjoyment of their sport is by modelling positive, respectful and appropriate behaviour. more »

Kids Learning Life Lessons Through Sport

Mark Schwarzerby the Editor We all know how important exercise is for our kids' bodies.  It improves physical fitness, builds muscles and bones and assists in the fight against childhood obesity. However, the benefits of sport extend much further. more »

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