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Banishing Bullying: A Parents' Guide

Stop Hand Boyby Aileen Pablo     The APA defines bullying as “aggressive physical contact, words or actions to cause another person injury or discomfort.” Psychology Today goes further, describing it as a “pattern of deliberately harming and humiliating others. And Stopbullying.gov adds that it “involves a real or perceived power imbalance.”

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A Guide to Building Your Child’s Confidence and Self-Esteem

Girl on Hammockby Dr Cathrine Neilsen-Hewett     There are many sides to your child’s self-esteem. Children may feel good about one aspect of themselves but not so good about another.  Feelings about their performance at school, ability to make friends, physical appearance, behaviour, sporting ability, whether or not they wet the bed – all contribute toward their overall self-worth.  ...read more »

How to Teach Your Kids to Save Energy

Energy Bulb Boyby the Editor     Saving energy and saving money should not be up to parents alone. Your kids can also learn to contribute in keeping the electric bills down. Teaching kids how to save energy can take a bit of time and effort up front, but once you get them on board, you may find that they are the best energy savers in your household!  ...read more »

Teaching Kids About Healthy Food Systems

Grocery Boyby Danielle Lemieux Malnutrition is a serious problem that affects children across the world, including on our own doorsteps. The stark truth is that some 2 billion people are affected by micronutrient deficiencies, and 500 million people are obese.  ...read more »

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