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Welcome to our June/July issue!

Soccer Kids In this issue we explore some fantastic ways we can instil a sense of wonder in our children through some fun activities we can do in our own backyard!  We also look at the importance of fair play, and how parents can teach kids to play by the rules.

We also feature some great expert advice on how to get our kids thinking about careers, and a very candid article by a teacher contributor who shares with us some useful pointers on parent-teacher-student interaction.

This issue covers two months, instead of our usual monthly frequency. Your comments on this would be appreciated.  Please scroll to bottom to 'contact us'.

Coming Soon... teens and bullying the flick


You can help to make your child's school a better place

Grab a Garden GrantBicycles: Facilities and infrastructure play an integral part in encouraging schools and students to take up active travel. This resource kit will provide valuable guidance for the best solution at your school.

Grab a Garden Grant: $1,000 garden grants are now available to all schools, preschools, childcare centres and youth groups! The Coles Junior Landcare Garden Grant program funds garden projects in schools and communities.

Green Makeover: Does your school or youth group need to turn an unused space into a recreation area? Turf Australia and Junior Landcare will give a few lucky schools or groups a natural grass coverage for kids to enjoy, and will be laid out by a turf professional.


Nominate your teachers! ASG Inspirational Teaching Awards - nominations close July 31; WA Education Awards - nominations close August 10



Don't miss!... National Tree Day, National Science Week, The Ultimate Story Competition, ACCC Postcard Competition, Savewater! Awards Photographic Competition, Milkshake Dance Competition... and more.


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New Feature Articles

Teacher Students Classroom20 Things A Teacher Would Like Parents to Know - by Paul Whitehead

Can we have an honest conversation?  I promise, I am not “representing the teaching fraternity” by writing this… I haven’t consulted with my colleagues; in fact they may well feel VERY differently from the views I express here...

Teen Career/ JobWho You Are is What You Do: 9 Career Tips to Give Your Kids - by Heather McAllister

Leaving school is a significant rite of passage - a step away from the boundaries of institutional life towards independence and self responsibility.  It’s normal for school leavers to feel insecure and uncertain as they step out into the great unknown...

Soccer KidsLearning the Importance of Fair Play - by the Editor

As Olympic hopefuls from across the globe work on final preparations for London 2012, it’s Aussie kids they should take the lead from.   New research reveals that Aussie kids are role models when it comes to playing fair..

Backyard ExploringNurturing a Sense of Wonder - by Peter Macinnis

The young people who will be the next generation's decision makers need to have come up against questions with no pre-ordained answer. And what safer place is there to do that than in your own back yard?...

More great articles
Special Offers and Member Competitions

Who You Are is What You DoOn Now: The 'Career Choices' Competition

Enter for your chance to WIN a copy of Who You Are is What You Do, by Heather McAllister.  In the new release, author and counsellor Heather McAllister has created a practical and visual workbook designed to help teenagers make career decisions based upon their own unique strengths, interests and values!

...ends July 13.

The Cardboard GirlComing Soon: The 'Cardboard Girl' Competition

Enter for your chance to WIN a copy of The Cardboard Girl. 'The Cardboard Girl: Gives Bullying the Flick' will touch the hearts of readers, as it show's how kids feel and act when bullied at school. The story will empower kids, and may also give parents and teachers better insight into bullying and what can be done to stop or minimise it.





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Congratulations to:

R. Colombi, of Bondi Junction, NSW
the winner of the YourKidsEd 'Young Maths' Competition;
N. Rose, of Serpentine, VIC
the winner of the YourKidsEd 'Wonder Words' Competition;
Y. Markowski, of Georges Hall, NSW
the winner of the YourKidsEd 'Backyard Nature' Competition;

Thank you to all our members who entered the draws!

Exhibitions, Events, Activities for your kids!

What's On over the next 4 weeks?

  • National Tree Day Girl
  • Drug Action Week - June 17-23
  • Refugee Week - June 17-23
  • Constitution Day - July 9
  • National Tree Day - July 27
  • Lifeline's Stress Down Day - July 27
  • National Family History Week - July 27 - August 5
  • ASG Inspirational Teaching Awards - nominations close July 31
  • NSW Education Week - July 30 - August 3
  • Jeans for Genes Day- August 3
  • WA Education Awards - nominations close August 10
  • National Science Week - August 11-19

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Competitions and Challenges for Kids

  • Competitions for Kids
  • SMH Young Writer Competition - closes June 18
  • Sydney Youth Writing Competition - closes June 19
  • ATOM Awards - film, television, animation, multimedia and interactive games - closes June 25
  • NAB Schools First Student Award - closes June 29
  • Little Sydney Lives Photography Competition - closes June 29
  • ACCC CompetitionTrainspotting Photo Competition - closes June 29
  • Kids Free Writing Competition 2 - closes June 30
  • The Ultimate Story Competition - closes July 1
  • ACCC Postcard Competition - closes July 15
  • Savewater! Awards Photographic Competition - closes July 20
  • Milkshake Dance Competition - closes July 20
  • Volunteering Video Competition - closes July 22
  • Write Across Victoria Competition - closes August 6
  • The Lorax Speak for the Trees Competition - closes August 15

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This month's featured kids link

StarFun Brain Funbrain, created for kids age preschool through grade 8, offers more than 100 fun, interactive games that develop skills in math, reading, and literacy.

Education and Well-Being News / Recent Posts
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  • New curriculum for active and informed citizens...
  • New chaplains and student welfare workers for schools...

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