Four qualities of a top childcare centre to choose for your child

Every parent loves their child and definitely wants the very best for them. This makes them second guess every decision that they make in bid to find the best solutions for their children. One of the important decisions to make as a parent includes the choice of childcare centre to take your child to. Understanding the attributes of a great childcare centre is therefore of great importance to your child development. Discussed in this guide are some of the important qualities your choice of childcare should satisfy today.

Safety parameters in place

The safety measures of the school are also to be scrutinised before any decision is made on whether the school is right for the child. There are different measures that are put in place for the safety of the children like controlled access to the building. Availability of cameras in the centre also makes it possible for caregivers to supervise children with ease. A great care centre will have several security measures in place to mitigate any cases of accident, injuries or child theft cases in major cities.

Balanced and nutritional diet

Unless the care centre asks children to bring home cooked meals to school, you have to find out the kind of meals they have for children. The quality of meals should meet the nutritional; demands of the child and more so be cooked in the right manner. One important factor that goes hand in hand with the meals is the quality of hygiene of the institution. Availability of enough water and staff to oversee the hygiene of the institution will prevent outbreak of diseases. There are parents who are however comfortable with cooking for their children rather than entrusting them to the diet of the care centre.

Studying and playing curriculum

Learning and playing are two critical sections that your child must excel in for proper development and growth. You must determine whether the care centre you are choosing has a goal oriented plan to help children grow both in and out of class. Assess the kind of curriculum that they offer their children before getting to how much playtime is allocated to the child. Few added hours of sleep to the curriculum can also go a long way of boosting the growth and development of the baby in the institution.

Availability of certified staff

Children are quick to learn which is why parents must focus on finding the best teachers for their children. Shortlisted childcare centres near you can only get the answer you seek if you trust in the quality of staff that they have employed. Find out whether they are well trained and certified to engage in teaching and child care activities. This scrutiny protects your child from being exposed to untrained and questionable characters posing as experts. It is wise to only choose an institution, such as Macquarie Park’s 360 Early Education, whose staff are well-trained and can prove the same with verifiable certifications.


Pricing is not among the factors for consideration when choosing a care centre however it cannot be overlooked. You must find a care centre that your budget can afford however that does not mean you compromise on the quality of institutions to shortlist for choosing. Proper research will guide you to the right priced care centres for your child.

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