Everything that is wrong with our education system


Schools and colleges are places to learn and gain knowledge. We send our children to schools to gain wisdom and learn new things, but very often they end up being stressed and do not learn anything. How many of us apply the things we study later in our life. Education has been made into a business and children are traumatised in the name of education. Our education systems should be enlightening, empowering and strengthening and not resemble a torture chamber where kids have to live in constant fear of the future.

One size never fits all:

As a human being, you know that everyone has different capabilities and each is different. Many schools these days try to stuff in book knowledge without making the children understand the real meaning of a subject. A child starts to hate a subject when he/she does not understand the purpose of learning that subject. As teachers, one needs to encourage the students to study a particular subject by helping them understand how they can apply what they study in their daily life.

Chasing after A:

Many schools focus on hunting after A. Children are made to believe that success is when they have good grades. Thus, to get good grades children try to learn and memorise things without understanding them and replicate it on the paper. They end up getting an A on the paper, but when they go out to face the real world, they will not be able to compete with other people as they do not know how to apply what they have learnt.


Quality of teachers:

For a student to love a particular subject, the teacher plays an important role. It is up to the teacher to help a student to find his/her passion. These days it is so hard to find teachers who love teaching. As the crowd in the school increases, teachers find it hard to manage all the kids and become less effective with their teaching. The world is moving fast, and children are getting quite smarter these days, but there are very few teachers who will help a child to think innovatively. Teachers are not paid properly, and thus many people do not prefer this profession. Without effective teachers, the future generation will not be able to meet the global demand.

Grading system:

Grading systems were brought about to analyse the understanding capability of children, but it has been turned into something which makes the kids feel terrible. The current grading systems cripple many children, and when they are graded lower than their peers, they end up depressed and de-motivated.   Children are asked at schools to do what is being told to them, and that is how they will get the best grade. Many schools do not encourage if any child wants to do things differently and show their creativity.

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