Christian schools Gold Coast: the benefits of a faith-based education

Are you looking for a religious educational setting for your child? Parents have the responsibility of researching and seeking counsel when it comes to choosing an Educational Institute for the children. If Christian education is something which is at the top of your list there are a few benefits which you might want to consider while you send your child for a faith based education. However care must be taken that you not only consider the academic setting but a place where your child can get the right quality of religious education.

Why send your child to Christian schools in Gold Coast

  • There is ample research which points that Christian schools have a high caliber of educational excellence. Children at a religious School often have a significant academic advantage over children who attend the traditional Public Schools. Students of these schools score higher on standardized tests and are more confident compared to their peers.
  • Another reason to choose a Christian School is to help Foster spirituality in your child from an early age. Such schools help children cultivate a better relationship with God. Attending a school with a strong religious community helps your child find their own religious identity.
  • Usually religious education is integrated along with academics so as to hope that the students will be able to adopt a Christian worldview. Children are allowed to interact with people of all faith. This enables them to understand why they believe what this school is teaching them and how they can view the world based upon their own religious teachings. Students learn early on the biblical worldview and develop an understanding and appreciation of their religion. The curriculum is based in such a way that children not only learn academic excellence but also develop a strong sense of Faith which is useful for them in the future life as well.
  • Since children spend a major part of the day at school the teachers are role models for them. At a religious School the teachers openly teach the children the importance of the facts mentioned in the Bible.
  • At a Christian School you can expect your child to get more individual attention from the teachers. This can be attributed to the fact that these schools have a lower student to teacher ratio. it not only helps a child academically but also ensure their religious growth and development.

If you have already considered a Christian education school for your child you must make sure that you search for such schools in Gold Coast. The school’s philosophy should be in keeping with your own religious philosophy. Find out about the school by taking a look at this previous Alumni and getting leads or references about past students. Talk to other parents who have enrolled their child to private Christian schools. Ask whether they are satisfied with their child’s curriculum.

Choosing a Private School in Queensland

Have you made the decision of sending your child to a private school in Queensland? There could be a number of reasons why you might have made this decision. Perhaps you are not satisfied with the current education system of their school, maybe you want your child to excel in academics and you feel education at a private school might help them do just that. No matter why you made the decision of switching schools or choosing a private school in Brisbane form the start, there are several things that you need to keep in mind.

  • Make sure you know the exact location of the school and how you plan to drop your child off to school each day. There are several schools which offer a transport system while there are few which require parents to provide the pick and drop. Keep in mind that the commute can have a major impact on your child. It’s preferable to send younger children to schools which are nearer to home.
  • Get to know the policies of the school. Does the school have any specific program your child would benefit from? There are some schools which pay attention to a great many extracurricular activities. These activities help promote a love for learning in children and also helps keep them busy. Also there are after school programs for children who might need academic help. Get to know whether the cool you are choosing offers these as a part of their curriculum or not.
  • Also inquire about the teaching methodologies used in the school. While most schools follow a traditional approach there are few which have taken an innovative and modern approach to learning. This leaning is focuses on helping bring out the child’s latent talents. It all comes down to what actually matters to you as a parent.
  • Also find out if the school is accredited. This is important because all good private schools are affiliated with a certain program which proves their authenticity. Accreditations means that the school is at par with the requirements a private school is supposed to have.
  • Another important thing that you need to do is visit the school. No matter how many good thing you have heard about the school but it is also important that you pay a personal visit. This way you can check out the ambience of the school. Get to see how the teachers interact with the students. Take a look at the different facilities which could include sports and other extracurricular activities conducted at the school.
  • Also make sure that you know the grading policy of the school. How do they test the students and what factors do they consider while allotting a marking scheme. Do they offer support to children who might be facing academic or social difficulties in school.

Considering all of the above mentioned factors can actually help you select the right private school in Queensland. Make sure you consider all of the above and make the right decision when it comes to choosing a private school for your child.

Why do we need education?


In today’s world, we can see students complaining about what they studied have nothing to do with what they do, and many students start to think that they don’t require education. It is understandable that the standards of education have gone tremendously down these days and people begin to question the education system that is followed in many countries. Little do people understand that knowledge is power and once you know how things work you can be the master of anything. Just because the schools and colleges don’t teach you well it doesn’t mean that you don’t have to learn. You can take a book or browse the internet and explore many things and gain knowledge.

Without education we are just like robots:

When we educate ourselves, we have a meaning to our life. If we do something, we need to understand why we are doing that and what will be the outcome of doing that particular task. Unlike robots, we are not specimens who do what we are asked to do. Education allows us to reason out and think for ourselves. It gives us the freedom to make judgements and choose what to do with lives. When we are educated, we should be like a person who lives to enjoy work and not a person who works to live.

Helps you make better decisions:

When you are educated your mind will start to think on a broader scale. In many societies, people have various stereotypes about many things, and if you are educated, you can break all the rules which seem to be unreasonable. Education helps you to think better, and it also makes you confident. You will be able to express your opinions based on the things you have learnt, and people will start to understand the essence of your message.


Economic growth of the nation:

The countries with high literacy rates tend to thrive in many fields, and they are usually extremely prosperous. The citizens of that country have higher income, and they have a better lifestyle. On the other hand, in underdeveloped countries and the developing countries, the education system is not well developed, and many people are below the poverty line. Even if education is provided to the people, the quality of the education provided is not right, and thus many people fail to achieve their goals and dreams. For a nation to have economic prosperity, it needs to have a good education system.

Education makes you wise:

As humans, we deserve to be treated right, but many people try to cheat others and trick them into believing something. When you are educated, you will not be deceived or cheated into believing what is wrong. Many illiterate people sign a false document and end up losing everything. When you are educated you become wise, and thus you will be able to discern things and make right judgements.

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